Starting in fall semester of 1999, LUG@GT has organized a number of Linux InstallFests. InstallFests are held periodically.

During a Linux InstallFest, students and faculty interested in the Linux operating system can bring their systems in for LUG@GT members to install Linux and provide a quick crash-course in using it and where to find more information. The original operating system is preserved, so that no data is lost during the installation, and the user is kept informed about what is happening at every step in the process. This way, people who are interested in the Linux operating system, but are unsure of where to start, can get introduced to Linux in a friendly and data-safe environment.

Visitors to the InstallFest can also ask the number of LUG@GT representatives any number of questions they may have regarding their decision to install Linux, their current Linux installation, or about Linux in general.

Upcoming InstallFests

We’ll post the date here and announce it on our site as soon as we can! In the meantime, please direct any questions you might have to our IRC channel on Freenode (link provided on the “Community” page of our website).

Recent InstallFests

There was an InstallFest Saturday October 7th in the Student Center from 2-4PM.
There was an InstallFest Sunday February 4th in Klaus 2447 from 12-4PM.
There was an InstallFest Sunday October 1st (2017) in Klaus 2443 from 12-4PM.