CMake Presentation

Ryan will be giving a presentation on CMake.

Maybe you’ve heard of CMake before. If you haven’t, maybe you’ve
heard of autotools. And if you have worked with autotools, well, I am
sure your friends have heard your sighs of sorrow. If you have worked
with CMake, you probably have your own sighs of sorrow too. Build
systems, or “makefile generators”, as CMake calls itself, are never
pretty. But it’s better than that festering mess you call a Makefile.
I mean come on! You don’t even know how it works anymore. Nobody does.
It’s this horrifying black box that executables magically come out of.
Oh, and it’s not portable… don’t even think about running that on
HP-UX or whatever. And if it is portable… well, I can only imagine
the nightmare that Makefile must be.

CMake provides most of a solution to your building and compilation
problems. It has a nice language which lets you define how to build
your projects, and on top of that, it’s portable, even to Windows.
Unfortunately, there is some voodoo required when dealing with CMake.
My aim in this presentation is to shed light on some of this voodoo and
give you enough knowledge to (a) start building your simple (or
advanced) projects with CMake and (b) know how to find solutions to your
more complex problems (and unfortunately with CMake, Google-fu isn’t
always enough).

Hope to see you there!