Fall 2014 2nd Meeting

Our next meeting will be this Wednesday September 3 at 7:30 pm in 53 CCB. Brian Lasseter a former LUG president will be coming to speak to us. Here is some information about him and his talk Wednesday night:

Brian Lasseter is an ex-president, and ex-founder of LUG@GT who graduated in 2001.  He is in town to do some recruiting for IBM, but tonight he is visiting LUG@GT on his own as a LUG@GT alumni to discuss chip design, using Linux to verify hardware function, and the importance of Linux in the workplace.

Brian Lasseter has a decade of experience as an engineer focusing on physical design synthesis and static timing analysis of IBM’s latest generation of P and Z series mainframe CPUs.  When you are on the cutting edge, there are many things to watch out for, and Linux is the workhorse that runs our chip design tools, and verifies hardware that comes back from the Fab.  There will be 300mm silicon wafers and example hardware at the meeting.