Installfest 52

Curious about Linux? Want to learn how to use a Unix environment on your own computer for class, for fun, or for your résumé? Attend InstallFest 52!
InstallFest 52 will be on Saturday, February 23rd, 2013, in the Instructional Center (IC) room 109 11 AM to 5 PM. Map


Linux comes in many “flavors” called distributions, each geared towards a different type of user. This article has more information about Linux basics, including what a distribution is. Below is a list of distributions available. For more information about the various distributions, try the following outside links:

At the InstallFest, we will have most major distributions available. However, if you are not sure if we will have what you want, it cannot hurt to burn the bootable ISO for that distribution to a CD before coming. We will have recordable media at the Installfest, too, so if you do not have time to burn it, we can do it for you.

If you are unsure of which distribution you want, don’t worry! We will set you up with an easy-to-learn distribution of Linux (most likely Ubuntu or Red Hat). If you require Linux for a class, you will most likely need Red Hat Enterprise Linux. However, you should still check with your professor or TA to make sure.

Getting Ready

To learn how to prepare your system for the InstallFest, click here (don’t worry, it’s not difficult!). The most important thing to do is back up your data beforehand (in the unlikely event that something goes wrong).