Howdy, all! This week, Justin Filoseta will be giving a talk on SELinux:

Security Enhanced Linux (SELinux) is a mandatory access control implementation integrated into the main line kernel and supported by many of the major Linux distributions. It is enabled by default in Fedora and RHEL (including derivatives CentOS, Scientific Linux, …), and is provided in many others (Debian, Ubuntu, Arch, …).

As was once the case with firewalls, many people simply turn the additional security off because it gets in their way and they don’t know how else to fix it. This presentation will cover the basics of SELinux, enough to understand what it is, what it is doing, and how to get started using it (without pulling out your hair).

The talk will be targeted at those who are comfortable with the linux command line but know nothing about SELinux. In other words:

If you are not fluent with commands like “chown” and “chmod”,
you will be quite lost.

If “system_u:system_r:restorecond_t:s0” means something to you,
you will be quite bored.

Join us for a presentation, followed by general Linux Q&A; 7pm at CoC room 52.