History and Philosophy of Unix

The Linux Users Group at Georgia Tech presents:

“History and Philosophy of Unix” By Chad Kersey

October 26th 2011, 7:00 PM
Klaus Advanced Computing Building, room 2456
( http://gtalumni.org/map/index.php?id=153 )

For most of the short history of computing, Unix and Unix-like operating systems and the related C programming language have been ubiquitous. This week’s presentation, will be a recount the tale of its inception and evolution, from an internal project at Bell Labs to the modern set of derivatives and act-alikes that dwell on your desktops, in your pockets, and in your datacenters. If you have ever wondered about the relationship between Multics and Unix, the early development of the C programming language, or what the machines that have run Unix and its derivatives over the years have looked like, this might be your chance to find out.