Life on the Command Line

The Linux Users Group at Georgia Tech presents

“Putting Your Life on the Command Line”
by Chad Kersey

March 9th, 2010, 7:00 PM
Klaus Advanced Computing Building, room 2456

About the Talk
Even the wizened among casual computer users tend to see the command shell as a
relic of the distant past, but among power users, especially in the Linux world,
it never went out of style. The truth is that the level of programmability
offered by the command shell far surpasses that provided by today’s graphical
shells. For this reason alone, the shell, in one form or another, with its
command line interface will endure for some time to come. This presentation will
provide an intermediate introduction to the interactive use of Bourne-style
shells and a range of commonly-available system tools whose presence makes the
shell useful. We will close with a round-table where other users can demo their
own favorite utilities and techniques.

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