The Linux Users Group at Georgia Tech

The LUG@GT is a group of Georgia Tech students, alumni, and Atlanta-area Linux users who aim to promote the adoption of Linux and other free operating systems. We hold presentations on Linux-related topics most Wednesday evenings and hold two Linux InstallFests per semester. Our stated purposes are to (from the LUG@GT constitution):

  • Support new and old Linux operating system users at Tech.
  • Provide a forum for getting support on Linux questions.
  • Help new users install their own copies of Linux, in their own way.
  • Increase awareness of the Linux operating system to the Georgia Tech community.

More information about LUG@GT can be found on the About Us and Community pages.

Upcoming Meetings:

As of Fall 2018, our meetings are held in the College of Computing Building, room 347 (CoC347) at 6:30pm on Mondays. Join our IRC and Matrix channels on Freenode (see the “Community” page of our site) for more info. We’re looking for presentations to give for the remainder of semester, so visit our “About Us” page to contact us if you have any ideas or want to present. We will be hosting the following upcoming presentations:

  • October 1st – How the GNU/Linux and Other Unix Systems Work

For more info about our meetings including how to get there, visit the Meetings page. For the most up to date information about upcoming meetings please subscribe to our mailing list.

For more info about our InstallFests including how to get there, visit the InstallFests page.