The Linux Users Group at Georgia Tech

The LUG@GT is a group of Georgia Tech students, alumni, and Atlanta-area Linux users who aim to promote the adoption of Linux and other free operating systems. We hold presentations on Linux-related topics most Wednesday evenings and hold two Linux InstallFests per semester. Our stated purposes are to (from the LUG@GT constitution)

  • Support new and old Linux operating system users at Tech.
  • Provide a forum for getting support on Linux questions.
  • Help new users install their own copies of Linux, in their own way.
  • Increase awareness of the Linux operating system to the Georgia Tech community.

More information about LUG@GT can be found on the About Us and Community pages.

Upcoming Meetings:

The Linux Users Group will be hosting the following upcoming presentations:

  • October 21st – Mutt – Ryan Curtin

For more info about our meetings including how to get there, visit the Events page.

Next InstallFests:

We will be having our next installfest on September 19th in Klaus 1443 from 11:00am-1:00pm

For more info about our InstallFests including how to get there, visit the InstallFests page.